Nose Cocaine

by Future Bartenderz

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you need to lay off that cocaine all that nose cocaine it doesn't do you any favors that nose cocaine i'm not trying to be preachy i like my cuervo gold and lime but you're always interrupting me when you snort that nose cocaine do you think that you're van halen? on that nose cocaine? or some foppish urbane dandy? on that nose cocaine. i'm not tryin to be a killjoy you know i'm really not that kind it's just you're always talkin at me when you're high on nose cocaine [airhorn] "this is what i want to keep my body always movin hot stuff people in orlando workin' in the sun you're hot you're hot stuff people in chicago i know you're goin broke but i know you're tuff you're hot hot stuff hot stuff hot stuff" [airhorn] you know you're takin up my time on that nose cocaine witn your real loud opinions that nose cocaine i know i'm wearin out my welcome but maybe take it as a sign you're really startin to scare me when you're high on that nose cocaine cocaine nose cocaine cocaine nose cocaine cocaine nose cocaine cocaine cocaine nose cocaine


released September 12, 2019


all rights reserved


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